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“We need to teach the people who have nothing to have something through education.” Bishop João Somane Machado, retired from Mozambique Episcopal Area


Learn a little about why we are in Africa, and what God is doing there.
Access to education is a key component in changing the lives of the people in Africa.
--Ken Yamada, former staff, General Board of Higher Education and Ministry and creator of the Methodist Global Education Fund

Many new opportunities are emerging in African metropolitan areas. Yet, challenges remain across the rural landscape of Africa. Many people have no access to education or health care and live in areas that lack basic infrastructure and technology. Within these communities, the lack of communication with other areas can make even short distances seem vast. This contributes to a sense of isolation and compounds existing social, economic and health issues.

  • The METHODIST GLOBAL EDUCATION Fund promotes the following initiatives in countries such as Angola, Burundi, Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Mozambique, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sudan, Zimbabwe, and others.
  • Scholarships to form a new generation principled Christian leaders
    Communication tools and education empower people to transform lives
    Distance-education learning centers, radio stations, and e-readers to disseminate lifesaving information.
  • Education is the key to fight extreme poverty, drought and floods, and pandemics of AIDS and Ebola.

We are committed to partner with leaders in Africa to strengthen, build and give hope to their communities.
Read more about the Africa Initiative and the E-Reader Project.

Other Projects

Browse our latest projects taking place in Africa.

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