Technical Assistance Program

United Methodist-related schools, colleges, universities, and theological seminaries or organizations may request assistance and consultants to help institutions to address their local needs.

Application Process:

Parties interested in consulting or training should submit a written request for Technical Assistance (TA) to the MEGFLD using the available forms. Applicants should identify a particular need, present clearly defined goals, indicate a basic program design, define the expertise required, and include estimated costs. The application is carefully evaluated by a committee composed of a senior level representative from the appropriate region, church leaders, and board members as well as senior staff from GBHEM.

Technical Assistance:

Upon evaluation and approval of request, an inter-disciplinary team with international experts who represent the diversity of Global Methodism will provide the high-impact mentoring needed to create an outstanding practical program to address the local needs. Continuous consulting, assistance, and evaluation are provided through the MGEFLD regional offices in each region.

Methodist Academic-Exchange Program (MAP)

Relying on the global network of churches, hospitals, schools, colleges, seminaries, and universities, the MGEFLD places outstanding Methodist leaders on-site at various institutions. This program enables dynamic Methodist educators to directly impact the future of leadership development that is responsive to the changing needs of a globalized world. Their presence around the world demonstrates the connections within global Methodism.

Application Process:

There are two modalities. Individuals can volunteer to develop activities at particular institutions. They submit a form offering their services for a given period (weeks, months, quarters or semesters) and include a curriculum vitae and explanation on how they could act both as model leaders and as hands-on mentors (church leaders, faculty members, staff at schools, colleges, seminaries, and universities or as chaplains, educators, and administrative leaders). Institutions such as Methodist-related churches, schools, colleges, universities, theological seminaries or organizations may request that the available individual experts or professionals participate in specific global projects as volunteers.

Academic Exchange:

The MGEFLD selects individual applicants and establishes a pool of experts who may serve in the following categories: student interns, consultants, faculty, administrative or program mentors. Applicants are then matched with international institutions that request support from GBHEM. Consultants serve as volunteers in a selected community or institution and receive support from host institutions. This may include travel, lodging, and infrastructure at the local level. Exchange opportunities are also available for online activities (distance education, consulting, and other services)

Grants and Scholarships Program (GraSP)

Seeking to promote the finest leadership development opportunities, this program searches for talented students who can have a great impact in local communities beyond their place of origin and thus be trained to serve the church and society at a global level.

Application Process:

Interested students may apply to existing programs offered by partner institutions and publicized by the MGEFLD or send their requests to the MGEFLD for information about available institutions. Applications should define their studies at the level of high school, vocational training, college or university, theological education, professional development or graduate degrees (Masters or Doctorate). They are required to send transcripts, resumes, and letters of recommendation. The MGEFLD may offer scholarships or mediate the contacts between candidates and institutions offering scholarships. Applicants are then selected by the institutions and the MGEFLD may provide complementary funds, depending on the program. Apply Now!

Grants and Scholarships:

Any effort to recruit the very best students – those individuals with the most potential to be high-impact leaders – requires a mechanism to provide scholarship assistance whenever it is needed. This Program is administered at the regional level and is open to institutions anticipating in the global or regional organizations supported by GBHEM. Provided as matching funds, the scholarships enable institutions to increase accessibility of a young
generation of Christian leaders to high-quality education.

Global Loans & Scholarships

focuses on international opportunities in areas not covered by already existing scholarship programs supported by GBHEM and the United Methodist Church. This program does not directly provide funds or scholarships but rather matches donors with individuals and institutions seeking support. Currently this program offers the following opportunities:

Scholarships in Asia

Scholarships for Masters and PhD programs in Theology are offered to international students by Yonsei University, South Korea. Courses are offered in English. Interested candidates submit a letter of intention and a resume to this program and, upon recommendation by independent reviewers, they are then invited to submit their applications directly to the university. Deadlines for applications:
September 15 or March 15 each year.

Scholarships in Latin America

Scholarships for undergraduate studies in several programs in arts, sciences, and humanities are offered to international students by the Methodist University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Courses are offered in Portuguese. Interested candidates submit a letter of intention and a resume to this program and, upon recommendation by independent reviewers, they are then invited to submit their applications directly to the university. Deadlines are September 15 and March 15 each year.

Other Scholarship Programs: Africa and Asia

The MGEFLD is also responsible for two other scholarship
programs: the Ben and Nancy Oliphint Scholarship Fund and the Ken Yamada and Akiyo Ueda Scholarship Fund. Applications for these programs are on an ongoing basis.

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