Development of Kamina Methodist University


Democratic Republic of Congo

Located 800 kilometers north of Lubumbashi, the rural city of Kamina, in North Katanga, is only accessible via rail or private plane. The average monthly family income in this city that has doubled its population in five years ranges between $10 and $30.

The North Katanga Episcopal Area Office plays a major role in providing primary, secondary, vocational and technical education in the region, overseeing and coordinating the entire United Methodist school system there. It also maintains a School of Theology at Katanga Methodist University in Mulungwishi. The Episcopal Area’s Office requested government approval to obtain its own charter for the university, which is being developed on a vast area of land.

The institution has received support from the Help the Children in Africa Fund to build three buildings. However, your help is needed to build facilities for administration, teaching staff, a library and a dining hall. Please support this project.


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