The city of Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, is rebuilding from civil war. Under a new government, neighbors who once fought against neighbors now live side by side. African leaders say messages of hope, forgiveness and peace are critical to maintaining their country’s fragile balance. This is why the METHODIST GLOBAL EDUCATION Fund, bringing together United Methodist Communications, the Côte d’Ivoire Annual Conference and the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, launched two projects in the nations’ capital city.

The first step was to establish a new communications and distance-learning center at the Université Méthodiste De Côte D’ivoire. The partnership provided technical assistance including installation of equipment and training.

In addition, a new radio station shares life-affirming messages and information to more than 3.8 million people living in and around Abidjan. Radio is important in the city where more than half of the population is illiterate. The station, among the top radio stations in the metropolitan area, shares coursework from UMECI, ranging from theology and public health to agriculture and business management.

With your help, these critical communication channels will continue to send positive messages to people in desperate need of hope.

Other Projects

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