FM radio station in Luanda, Angola


Developed in partnership with United Methodist Communications, this FM radio station houses two studios – one for on-air operations and one for production.

It was created in two steps:

First, feasibility studies were conducted June 25-27, 2012 to assess the location and implementation possibilities. The annual conference had a large room located on the ground floor that housed offices, which was prepared to accommodate both the on-air and production studios. An adjacent room was used for equipment. The work completed at this stage included creating a partition with a glass-wall separation between the studios, blocking existing windows, insulating the walls against sound and providing appropriate electrical outlets for the radio equipment.

The second step commenced in August 2012. Because The United Methodist Church in Angola was able to obtain local resources and governmental support, no investment was necessary. This phase was limited to technical assistance. The work included procuring equipment, cabling the studios, wiring the rooms for Internet connectivity and acquiring a domain name.

Radio is a life-saving tool in Africa. Please support this station’s vital operations in Angola.


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