Methodist Academic-Exchange Program (MAP)

Methodist Global Education Fund for Leadership Development - MGEFLD
Methodist Academic-Exchange Program(MAP)
Application for Individuals Seeking an Institution

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Please include all appropriate codes

Please include all appropriate codes

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Funding Request / Budget:
> If you are a student, please list the estimated expenses for ONE academic year in U.S. dollars.
> If you are carrying out informal study, research, or other educational advancement please use this table and the Special Circumstances section below to describe your funding need.

Estimated Expenses:

Special Circumstances:
Please add here, any special circumstance that are not covered in the table above; such as extra expenses for summer study, visa costs, round-trip travel (if necessary), student permits, etc.

The following documents must be submitted to the MGEFLD office with this application:
> Official letter of acceptance from the institution or school
> Official student expense budget, prepared by the school
> Resume or Curriculum Vitae
> Transcrips

Please send 2 letters of recommendation by someone who can speak about your leadership potential (Pastor, Bishop, Employer, Lay Leader)


Please include all appropriate codes

Please include all appropriate codes

I understand that at the end of each academic year, I must submit a brief report describing my progress.

These documents should include:
1). Proof of registration at the beginning of the semester.
2). Grade Transcripts at the end of each semester.

Upon completion, please forward all documents to:
MGEFLD: Office of the General Secretary
General Board of Higher Education and Ministry
1001 Ninteenth Avenue South
PO Box 370007
Nashville, TN 372303-0007

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